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Following Lisa’s Footsteps; published in France

The story of Clive and Trish following Lisa’s footsteps around the world has just been published in France in C’est Dit magazine. The magazine has made a donation to the charity in payment for the story, which has also been sold to the UK magazine Woman on the same basis and should be published shortly. […]

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Following Lisa’s Footsteps – in the press

The story of Clive and Trish following Lisa’s footsteps around New Zealand has been sold to ‘Pick Me up’ magazine. A two page spread will be printed in the November 4th issue, with the proceeds of the sale of the story going to benefit the charity. Unfortunately we are not particularly happy with the article, especially as […]

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Clive and Trish’s journey in the press

The Daily Echo ran a wonderful piece about Clive and Trish’s journey through New Zealand. You can read it here.. Emotional Journey.pdf

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That’s Life magazine publishes story of Lisa’s stolen journal

National magazine ‘That’s Life’ picked up on the massive publicity that had been generated by story of Lisa’s stolen journal, and the subsequent return of it by the thief, and decided to publish it. The story was run in edition 12 of the magazine on March 22nd. The magazine offered to pay Lisa’s mum Tricia […]

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Lisa’s journals stolen by burglar… but then returned!

Two weeks ago Clive and Trish returned from holiday to find that their house had been burgled. Amongst the items stolen along with the safe were Lisa’s journals and all the postcards she had sent during her travels. Devastated, Clive contacted the Daily Echo asking them to run an article in hopes of tracking down […]

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