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Clive and Trish’s journey in the press

The Daily Echo ran a wonderful piece about Clive and Trish’s journey through New Zealand. You can read it here.. Emotional Journey.pdf

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Clive did it!

“The rush was extreme, couldn’t believe the speed as I dived into the abyss.” Our intrepid jumper, Clive Wilson. Yesterday, on Lisa’s birthday, Clive did the highest bungy in the world, jumping from 134 meters above the rugged Nevis River in Queenstown, New Zealand. Not many people would have the nerves to do it, Lisa […]

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Clive to do the highest bungee jump in the world

As you know, Clive and Trish are currently in New Zealand, following Lisa’s footsteps across the country she found to be truly amazing.  Whilst she was in Queenstown N.Z, Lisa did a free-fall parachute jump and also the biggest bungee jump in the world from the Nevis high wire of 134 Metres. The video she […]

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Clive and Trish to follow Lisa’s footsteps across New Zealand

Following the theft of Lisa’s journal and subsequent return in Dec 2008, Trish and Clive have decided to follow Lisa’s footsteps by traveling to New Zealand in February 2010. They expect the journey to be full of emotion as they follow Lisa’s maps and her adventures as depicted in the journal, but they also hope […]

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