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We would like Lisa’s friends and family to keep in touch through the website.  If you would like to have a page on the website then please submit any of the personal details you wish to mail@lisathedaddy.com see example below.

 Clive and Lisa

Name: Clive Wilson
Relationship: Dad
Email address: clivewilson360@hotmail.com
Home address: Peartree Cottage, Forest Road, Nomansland, Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP5 2BN
How we met: Lisa was born before my very eyes something I will never forget.

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Name: Tricia Wilson
Relationship: Mum
Email address: clivewilson360@hotmail.com
How we met: I gave birth to Lisa and was so overjoyed at having a girl after the two boys I screamed with joy.

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Name: Scott and Kelly Wilson
Relationship: Brother and Sister-in-Law

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Name: Ross Wilson
Relationship: Brother


Name: Donna Enticknap
Relationship: My partner, Ross, is Lisa’s brother


Name: Nathan (Nook) Hodskiss
Relationship: Lisa’s ‘soul mate’. We thought we had all the time in the world.
Email address: davlanook@hotmail.com
How we met:  I was Lisa’s boss working for SMART selling subscriptions for the Herald Sun in Melbourne.


Name: Sabrena White
Relationship: One of Lisa’s best friends
Email address:  sabrena@claissestvincent.com
How we met: Brockenhurst College, in one of many maths lessons!

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Name: Rob Elliott
Relationship: Lisa’s boyfriend for two years.
Email address:  robelliott1@hotmail.com
How we met: Wellow Golf Club. Slow days made good!


Name: Jo Harwood
Relationship: Friend and travelling companion to Australia.
Email address: harwood_jo@hotmail.com
How we met: Wellow Golf Club.

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Name: Will Cheater
Relationship: Former boyfriend and close friend
Email address: will@shiresystems.co.uk
How we met:  I worked with Lisa at Wellow Golf Club.

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Name: Gemma Rowe
Relationship: Friend
Email address: gemma.rowe@hotmail.com

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Name: Liz Windell
Relationship: Friend

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Name: Jodeci Kinsella
Relationship: Friend and travelling companion to Australia.
Email address: jodeck@hotmail.com
Home address: 420 Graham Street, Port Melbourne, 3207 Australia

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Name: Nats Goddard
Relationship: Friend and travelling companion in Australia.